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About Us

Our Vision

To touch lives around the world with nutritional soy products.



Our Mission

Discover the exciting world of soy goodness
We love bringing you new & exciting ways to enjoy the goodness of soy.
We’ve created the widest range of convenient soy drinks over the past 10 years and
grown ourselves to be Singapore’s leading soy choice. We’re continuously creating delicious
and creative soy treats to bring the goodness of soy to you in new forms, flavours, and experiences.


Our Story

We are the soy people! At UNISOY, we love bringing you new & exciting ways to enjoy the goodness
of soy. Only ever using non GMO de skinned soy beans, our nutritious products are creamy & tasty
additions to your routine. Discover the goodness of soy with delightful experiences every time!

Brand Milestones

  • Founded & launched UNISOY instant Nutritious Soya Milk Powder
  • UNISOY Instant Nutritious Soya Milk Powder & UNISOY Instant Nutritious Soya Milk Powder "No Cane Sugar Added" received Healthier Choice symbol
  • Won Most Popular Ninkio.JP
  • Launched UNISOY Instant Nutritious Soya Oatmeal and Soya Cereal Drink
  • UNISOY Instant Soya Oatmeal received Healthier Choice Symbol
  • Launched UNISOY Nutritious Black Soy Milk
  • UNISOY Nutritious Black Soy Milk Powder won Anuga Innovative Award
  • UNISOY won Singapore Prestige Award
  • UNISOY awarded with Singapore Quality Award
  • UNISOY Nutritious Black Soy Milk received Healthier Choice symbol
  • UNISOY is the No.1* soy milk powder brand in Singapore to serve nutritious soy products 
  • Launch UNISOY GOLD series for premium flavors & benefits.
  • Launch UNISOY GOLD Nutritious Soy Matcha
  • UNISOY GOLD Nutritious Soy Matcha received Healthier Choice symbol
  • *Unifood International (s) calculation based on data reported by Nielsen from June 2019 - May 2020 for the Singapore total grocery market.

New UNISOY, New Breakfast range

  • Launched new UNISOY branding
  • New Soy Cereal Drink
  • New Soy Oatmeal

A whole new UNISOY to enrich everyone's life with a cup of soy milk

New dessert range product to bring joy to family with simple recipe that is easy to make


Our Values

Dedicated to Quality

We take pride in our work and continually strive to produce quality products without taking short cuts.

Commited to Nutrition

We care about our customers and their well being so we are mindful about developing products that are beneficial & add nutrition to their diets.

Passion For Innovation

We don't believe in impossible. We're always looking ahead to imagine & create interesting ways to enjoy the goodness of soy.

Our Trade

We strive to establish UNISOY® as the leading brand of nutritious organic soya beverage and soy-based lifestyle products in Asia. Apart from continuing to increase our market share in those markets that we are present, plans are underway to introduce the brand to the China market.

We will also continue to develop more innovative products by working with locally appointed institutions and improve productivity with our strategic OEM factories. With our expertise and network, we are well equipped to be the leader in OEM for businesses that wish to market the products under their private labels.

We are also keen to partner with food service professionals who wish to enhance the marketability of their recipes with quality soya milk products. Our food service partners span a wide range of businesses from cafes and bakeries to education centres. Contact us to find out more.


The Perfect Blend of Nutrition and Taste

UNISOY® Soy Milk Powder offers great nutritional benefits in a delicious and convenient way to ensure that you and your family enjoy all the best that life has to offer.

About Us

About Us