Soya Milk Pudding (Makes 3-4 cups)

50g UNISOY™ Soy Milk Powder
25g Sugar
5g Gelatine Sheet
130g Dairy Cream (35% fat)


Caramel Syrup:
200g Sugar
50ml Water
200ml Hot water

Caramel Syrup Preparation Method:
1. Cook sugar with 50ml water until golden brown
2. Pour in hot water and cook till sugar is dissolved at low heat.

milk pudding

  1. Mix the soya milk and sugar and bring to a boil. Put it away from the stove. Add the gelatine sheet. When it is completely melted, mix in the dairy cream.
  2. Set (1) in a container with iced water to cool.
  3. Pour mixture in pudding cups of about 110 – 130ml. Chill for 3 hrs. Drizzle with caramel as desired.