Fruity Nutty Ice Cream


Ingredients 材料 Quantity/数量
Unisoy Soya Milk Powder Unisoy 高营养豆奶粉 4 tbsp mix with 50ml of cold filtered water
Strawberry(Frozen) 草莓(冷冻) 3
Banana(Frozen) 香蕉(冷冻) 1
Topping:Dried Blackcurrant and
crushed Almond
甜品酱:干黑加仑子和杏仁碎 1 tbsp


  1. Put all ingredients into Blender and blend it well as fresh ice cream.
  2. Serve with mixed nut & seed / fruit toppings.

  1. 把所有材料放入搅拌机,搅拌均匀至润滑,似新鲜冰淇淋状。
  2. 洒上干黑加仑子和杏仁碎即可。